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Saturday, May 1, 2021 9:30 AM MT

Scotts Bluff County Fairgrounds Event Center, Mitchell, Nebraska

Serial Numbers Believed To Be Correct, But Not Guaranteed. All State and Federal Firearm Transfer Laws & Regulations Will Apply. Jim Neuwirth(308-225-1967) Will Handle FFL and Other Gun Transfers. There Will Be An Additional Handling Fee of $20.00 Per Gun On All Gun Purchases.


Lot 1)Stoeger Ind. Mod. X20 4.5/.177 Pellet Gun. SN-STG0936426

Lot 2)Glock 17 Gen 4-Austria 9x19. SN-ZBL042

Lot 3)Smith & Wesson .327 Mag. SN-CNJ5822

Lot 4)Smith & Wesson .357 Mag. SN-DCR1483

Lot 5)Remington 1911 R1S .45 ACP. SN-R1 RH90575A

Lot 6)Remington Mod. 700 .22/250, Varmit Barrel, Synthetic Stock, SN-6335925. Nikon 4x12 Monarch UCC Scope w/Focus Ring

Lot 7)Glock 43-Austria 9x19. SN-BAFP533

Lot 8)Smith & Wesson .357 Mag. Heavy Barrel. SN-CFT1095

Lot (9)Smith & Wesson .38 Special Airweight. SN-CBT7198

Lot 10)Kimber Classic .45 ACP Auto. SN-K060284

Lot 11)Benelli 12 Ga. Auto Shotgun w/Synthetic Stock & Vent Rib. 2 ¾” to 3 ½”. SN-U127817

Lot 12)Glock USA .380 Auto. SN-AAVZ515

Lot 13)Smith & Wesson .45 Colt. 45 ACP/.410 2.5” Governor. SN-CWS3804

Lot 14)Smith & Wesson Mod. 1904 .357 Mag. SN-56K7392

Lot 15)Kimber .45 ACP Gold Match II. SN-K112941

Lot 16)Browning Franchi 28 Ga. 2 ¾” Auto Shotgun. Burl Walnut Stock, Vent Rib, Model 48AL28 Delux. SN-06050

Lot 17)Glock Austria 9mm 9x19. SN-YTM587

Lot 18)Smith & Wesson .357 “8 Times” 8 Shot. SN-DCM3831

Lot 19)Smith & Wesson .357 Mag Stainless Long Barrel. SN-AUT5210

Lot 20)Colt Commander .45 Auto. SN-FC29894E

Lot 21)Benelli 20 Ga. 2 ¾”-3” Auto Shotgun. M1 Super 90. Synthetic Stock, Vent Rib. SN-N062134

Lot 22)Glock 30S Austria .45 Auto. SN-BBMU832

Lot 23)Smith & Wesson .357 Mag Stainless. SN-CJD9935

Lot 24)Smith & Wesson M&P .40 Cal Auto. SN-HRK1244

Lot 25)Colt .45 Auto Stainless M1991A!. SN-CV01739

Lot 26)Ruger American 17HMR Bolt Action. SN-830-55410. Simmons 3x9 Scope

Lot 27)Glock 21 Austria .45 Auto. SN-NLX235

Lot 28)Smith & Wesson MP .40 Cal Auto. SN-DZX7244

Lot 29)HK USP .40 Cal Auto. SN22-056505

Lot 30)Colt Mark IV Series 80. Caliber????. SN-FA02035E

Lot 31)Ruger Remington 6mm M77 Mark II Bolt Rifle. SN-791-27086. Sightiron 3x9 Scope, Beautiful Stock

Lot 32)Glock 30S Austria .45 Auto. SN-XDP545

Lot 33)Smith & Wesson .22 LR Auto. SN-HHD4042

Lot 34)Smith & Wesson M&P .22 Compact Auto. SN-HHH4705

Lot 35)Springfield Arms XP10 4.5 Auto. SN-HM503334

Lot 36)Ruger Mod 10/22 .22 Win. Carbine. SN-290-27086. Simmons 3x9 Scope

Lot 37)Glock Austria 29 10mm Auto. SN-VNR786

Lot 38)Smith & Wesson M&P .22. SN-MP024976

Lot 39)Smith & Wesson .41 Mod. 46 Stainless Mag. SN-94945

Lot 40)Kimber .40 S&W Stainless. SN-KF02892

Lot 41)Weatherby Home Defense 12 Ga. 2 ¾” to 3” Pump. SN-AK25305

Lot 42)Glock Austria 20 10mm Auto. SN-VWX210

Lot 43)Smith & Wesson .41 Mag. SN-7970CMV1611

Lot 44)Smith & Wesson .44 Mag Combat. SN-CBZ9921

Lot 45)Kimber 10mm Stainless Target. SN-KF06371

Lot 46)Ruger Mod. 10/22 Auto .22LR Carbine. Stainless Barrel. SN-238-84330. Leupold 4 Power Compact Scope

Lot 47)Glock HD Gen 4 10mm Auto w/Burris Fastfire Site. SN-YWB297

Lot 48)Smith & Wesson .41 Mag Long Barrel. Mod 57-1. SN-A13X996X

Lot 49)Smith & Wesson .41 Mag Mod. 57 Long Barrel. SN8154I

Lot 50)Kimber 10mm Stainless Target II. SN-KF05608

Lot 51)Henry .22 LR Lever Action Rifle

Lot 52)Glock Mod. 44 .22LR. SN-ADUN554

Lot 53)Smith & Wesson .44 Mag. Mod 29-3. SN-AZ85407

Lot 54)Smith & Wesson .44 Mag. Mod 29-9. SN-ADJ1279

Lot 55)Ruger Security 6 .357 Mag. 2 Extra Cylinders. SN-56-10214

Lot 56)Weatherby Mark V .22/250 Bolt Rifle. SN-WB019607. Sightron 3x9 Scope

Lot 57)Glock 45 Austria 9x19. SN-BKEE612

Lot 58)Smith & Wesson .44 Mag. Long Barrel Stainless Mod. 629-1. SN-X8625

Lot 59)Smith & Wesson .45 Cold CTG. Mod 25-15. SN-CPL4592

Lot 60)Ruger 327 FED Mag Revolver. SN-573-83743

Lot 61)Ruger .22LR Auto Carbine-Synthetic Stock, Stainless Barrel, SN-247-93934. Leupold 1-4 Variable Scope* 6257

Lot 62)Glock 45 Austria 9x19. SN-BRKH161

Lot 63)Smith & Wesson .22 MRF CTG. SN-GSM8340

Lot 64)Smith & Wesson Mod. 22S Auto w. Aimpoint Comp Laser Site. SN-UBL2282

Lot 65)Smith & Wesson .22 Air Lite Revolver. Mdl. 317-1. SN-CDB5447

Lot 66)Ruger GP100 .44 Special Revolver. SN-178-47432

Lot 67)Ruger Mod. 10/22 Auto Carbine-Heavy Target Barrel. Fancy Stock. SN-251-48498. Simmons Actet 2.8-10x44 Scope

Lot 68)Glock 22 Gen 4 Austria .40 Cal. Auto. SN-RKV049

Lot 69)Smith & Wesson Victory SW.22 LR Auto. SN-UDV4864

Lot 70)Smith & Wesson .22 LR. Mod. 18-7 Revolver. SN-CNU9895

Lot 71)Smith & Wesson.22 LR Mod. 17-4. SN-79KO535

Lot 72) Taurus G3C 9x19 9mm. SN-ABGG52025

Lot 73)Ruger All Weather 77/22 Bolt Rifle. Fancy Stock. SN-70267317. Simmons 3x9 Scope

Lot 74)Glock 23 Gen 4 .40 Auto. SN-YDT286

Lot 75)Smith & Wesson .22 LR CTG Mod. 617-4. SN-CEL3737

Lot 76)Smith & Wesson .22LR CTG Mod. 63-4. SN-CNP9316

Lot 77)Smith & Wesson .22 MRF CTG Mod. 48-7. SN-CLS7582

Lot 78)Smith & Wesson .357 Mag 5 Shot Revolver. SN-OLA2901

Lot 79)Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield 9mm. SN-JCL3808

Lot 80)Ruger 10/22 Auto Rifle. Burl Stock. SN-123-45648. Weaver Scope

Lot 83)Smith & Wesson M&P .45 Stainless. SN-MPR3309

Lot 81)Smith & Wesson 1911 .45 ACP. SN-JRF4940

Lot 82)Smith & Wesson 1911 .45 ACP. SN-JRH8666

Lot 84)Remington Mod. 700 7mm Rem. Mag. SN-6865458. Weaver Scope

Lot 85)Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 .380 Shield w/EZ Laser Site

Lot 86)Smith & Wesson .357 Mag Stainless Mod. 65-2. SN-78458

Lot 87)Smith & Wesson .357 Hiway Patrolman. SN-70717

Lot 88) Ruger 10/22 .22 Auto Carbine. AN-249-47481. Nikon Scope

Lot 89)Smith & Wesson .357 Mag. Mod 19-3. SN2457G

Lot 90)Smith & Wesson.357 Combat Mag. SN-CWU3203

Lot 91)Remington Mod 700 6mm Rem Bolt Rifle. Wood Stock. SN-A6228171. Leupold M8 6x Scope

Lot 92: Winchester 190 Semi-Auto Rifle 22LR SN B2017505


2002 Liberty Mod. LX 35 Gun Safe. 36” Wide, 28” Deep, 61” Tall

Custom Made Gun Storage Cabinet. 4 Drawer Lower Storage. 75” Tall, 45” Wide

Hornady Lock N Load Auto Charge

RCBS RC II Reload Press w/Primer Catcher

Lyman 1200 DPS Gram Scale

PACT Electronic Scale

RCBS Powder Measure

RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep Center

Reload Books Inc. Hornady Cartridge Reload Vol. 2 & 10th Ed., Sierra Rifle/Handgun Reload Date Ed.V & VI, Blue Books of Gun Values, Gun Traders, Shooters Bibles, BB Gun Values, And More

RCBS Uniflow* RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep* RCBS APS Bench Prime Tool* CV500 Cartridge Vibratory Cleaner* Ultra Vibe 18 Tumbler* Hornady Case Tumbler*


DIES: Reload Dies for Many Calibers Pistols & Rifles Inc. Hornady, RCBS, Pacific and Others


PRIMERS: Hundreds of Primers Inc. Winchester, Federal, CCI


AMMUNITION: Hundreds New & Reloaded .22/250, .40 S&W, .45 Colt & ACP, 9mm, .44 Spec., 6mm, .357 Mag, .38 Spec., .380 Auto, .327 Mag, .17 HMR, Shot Gun Shells



Pistol Clips(Over 60) Glock, H&K, S&W, Kimber, Remington


30+ Rods With Open Face Reels From Cabelas, Daiwa, Pfluger, Shakespeare, Shimano, Wave Spin Plus Several Closed Face Reels on Rods

Collectible Fish Lures-(3)Moto Minnows, (2)Moto Chubs


Custom Hand Made Bowie Style by Bob Maryott. Submarine Prop Handle, Blade From Planer Blade. Wood Presentation Box. Estimated Value $7,000.00


RMEF Outdoor Edge Sets, Fillet, Skinning and Bone Saws* Browning 4 Knife Set* US K Bar* US M8A1 Bayonet* Red River Camp Knife* Winchester Ltd. Ed. Set of 3 In Box*Franklin Mint Collector Knives*Buck Pocket & Holster Knife Assortment* Others Inc. Old Timer, Case, Browning*


Nikon Laser 800 Range Finder* Leupold Steiner Binoculars* Tasco Binoculars* Weaver 4 Power Scope* Pentax 6 Power Scope* Pachmeyer Replacement Grips & Misc. Holsters* Gun Clean Kit* Predator Rifle Rests* Rifle Rods*

TERMS: Cash or good check the day of sale. No Credit Cards. Nothing removed before payment. State sales tax applies. Not responsible for accidents, or lost items. All items sold in “as is” condition. Announcements the day of sale take precedence. Driver’s license required to register for bidder number.


Helberg and Nuss Auctions & Realty

1145 M Street - Gering, NE 69341

Don Helberg  ||  Mike Nuss
Nebraska State Auctioneers Champions in 1995 & 2008